A trust is a fund consisting of assets that are held by the trustees for the beneficiaries. There are many different types of trust. Trusts can be set up to operate immediately during a lifetime or in the event of death through a will.

Druitts Solicitors can advise on the following:

  • How best to set up a trust.
  • How to utilise trusts to benefit your situation, for example, potential to lessen the impact of inheritance tax or to protect assets from being frittered away by children and young adults.
  • Alternatives if a trust is not the best solution.

Under our trust administration service, Druitts advise trustees on their legal obligations to manage the trust to maximise the return under the trust and to minimise the tax liabilities.

In certain circumstances, our specialist solicitors can also act as trustees. At Druitts, we can re-organise the administration in order to save time and expense to ensure the maximum benefit to the trust fund.

You can contact one of our specialist solicitors by email or telephone them on 01202 551863.

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