At Druitts Divorce Solicitors Bournemouth, our specialist family law solicitor will listen to you and discuss your divorce proceedings and legal separation options clearly and concisely

Getting divorced or dissolving a civil partnership can be an emotional, worrying and difficult time.  At the time you may be bombarded by well meaning (but often misguided) advice from friends and family.  It is important to ascertain the true position as to your rights and responsibilities as soon as possible, and you need someone on your side who will be there for you.

Our family and divorce solicitor will support you through the divorce proceedings or legal separation process, and give you advice that you can trust about the things that matter most – your children, your home and your financial security.

As your family and divorce solicitor will listen to you and discuss your divorce proceedings and legal separation options with you. We will let you know where you stand, tell you what your rights are and help you to understand what your ex-partner’s rights are as well. We will also try to make the divorce proceedings as simple and as stress-free as possible.

If you have been living together but were not married, our divorce solicitor can also help you understand your rights on a legal separation.

Where children are involved in the divorce the law puts the welfare of the children before anything else.  Our divorce team will help you wherever possible to reach agreement with your ex-partner for your children’s sake. This might be about where the children live, how much contact they have with you both, how they will be provided for, and how decisions will be taken in future about things such as holidays and schools. It is also important to consider the guardianship of your children in your will.

Whatever your circumstances, our divorce solicitor has the knowledge and experience to make sure that the decisions you make are in the best interests of your children now and in the future.

We feel our clients are best placed to recommend us; comments include

“I have had recourse to use lots of solicitors during my life and you have been the best by a mile! Thank you for your advice”

“I was listened to and knew I was being taken care of, I was given great advice.”

“I felt very reassured as a result of a professional manner of staff and Solicitor. She was very approachable in explanation of legal terms and understanding of written correspondence.  Quick, efficient turnaround”.

If you would like to speak to our family department about divorce proceedings or legal separation please contact them to arrange a free half hour initial consultation on 01202 551863.

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