Solicitors firms are now required to carry out an annual Equality & Diversity Survey of the firm, submit the responses to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and publish the data. Completion of the survey by the personnel is not compulsory. The figures given relate to the information disclosed in the questionnaires carried out in June 2017. Some questions and their responses have been excluded as advised by the SRA and for anonymity reasons.


Age Range Percentage of Respondents
16-24   0 %
25-34   8 %
34-44 16 %
45-54 48 %
55-64 24 %



Individuals with a disability according to the definition of the Equality Act       0%



Secondary Education

UK State School



UK Independent / Fee Paying School 25%


Attended University as a first generation




Attended University but not as a first generation 16%
Did not attend University 50%


Caring Responsibilities

Individuals with primary carer responsibility for a child under 18 years    34%