Managing the estate of someone who has died, otherwise known as probate, can be a daunting and upsetting time. As well as the emotional stress of losing a loved one, it can be difficult grasp the legal process involved.

Often there are a number of tax and legal issues to consider, which increases the paperwork required to be completed. Using a probate solicitor to produce the appropriate documents and advise of the necessary steps can not only reduce your stress, but also speed up the process of handling and distributing an estate. A probate solicitor can also advise on inheritance tax, registering death, valuation of the estate assets and payment of debts.

Although it is possible to deal with a probate yourself, a probate solicitor is completely independent and has no emotional ties.  Druitts handles probates and the administration of estates every day, meaning we can deal with the legalities with a clear mind, sound judgement and years of legal experience.

It is also beneficial to enlist the services of a probate solicitor if the estate is not straight forward, for example:

  • The Deceased died without a Will
  • The Will may be disputed due to invalidity or unreasonable provision made to family.
  • Where the estate is valued over £325,000 and inheritance tax is involved.
  • There is an active business as part of the estate. A protracted probate period may damage an otherwise healthy business that was previously owned or operated by the deceased.
  • When the estate includes property or assets outside the UK.
  • The estate is still receiving a regular income.
  • If estate is insolvent.
  • The estate is vast and/or complex e.g. includes a trust.

Our probate solicitors have extensive experience in handling a wide range of probates, from simple to complex matters relating to trusts, HMRC and tax implications, Power of Attorney and business advice. We understand that every situation is different therefore we offer a personalised approach that addresses your personal circumstances either completing the whole process or dealing with specific areas.

If you would like further information from our specialist probate department please contact Teresa or Laura by email directly or telephone our Bournemouth office on 01202 551863.