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Taking the difficult decision to move a loved one into a care home is a big step.  There’s no set correct time and it depends on a number of factors including their wishes and medical needs. 

There is only a small possibility that care home funding is free, it is dependant on your health issues and your savings/assets.  Those with savings over the threshold level are fully responsible for their own care home fees, currently set at £23,250.  Therefore, most people will pay their own care home fees up to the lifetime cap of £72,000.00. 

At Druitts we have a wealth of experience in lifetime planning and can help with care home funding and eligibility for benefits. Planning is not just about saving money towards care home fees but looking at your whole estate.

  1. We can help you plan to protect your assets as much as possible through your Will or a Trust.
  2. Advise on how you own your home with your partner to protect your assets
  3. Check the financial assessments carried out by the local authority to make sure they are correct
  4. Claim NHS Continuing Care Funding and challenge decisions refusing this funding

If you would like any advice on future planning, including Lasting Powers of Attorney, drafting a Will or Deputyships please contact Teresa Williamson or Laura Neerunjun who will be able to help.  We can reduce the worry about the future.